Heard in the office: "Whose sexual tension is it above the photocopier?"

Cupid is very crazy and now his arrows with this of the technosexual revolution are like love-giving drones (now the modern ones and the ladies who go out after lunch and before the soap opera they call it "illusion"). These autonomous (oh, poor) flying arrows let you drop the message with the package (never better) anywhere, even in the office. Sometimes shaped true, infinite and painless love, other times as an instant indissoluble cold heating, but without a doubt the star format is that of "tiredly unresolved sexual tension."

In Jared we prefer not to get wet so as not to influence possible stories work in progress. But, honestly and with the hand between the neck and the chest: You see what you do.

Your office looks more like the Grand Prix than Mad Men.

Falling in love in the office is as if a part of your life was run by an exhausted and constipated Tim Burton. They are dark days when, however, everything seems crazy creepy cuckoo. The fact of arriving (almost) on time every morning at the office and saying good morning without even having the first coffee, it seems quite remarkable enough to add micro-infarcts and sweating as well for free. In addition, there are not enough stimuli in the world (world = internet) to add various insights and insinuations (in my case, badly done).

I only remember feeling itchy in my heart (God, what's happening to me? What invention is this?) In my first job. I was a cashier at a supermarket and he was a topper. I was so nervous when I saw him that if he said "good morning" I would answer with a "your change, thanks". I once got so red that a lady told me "If you feel like peeing, I can wait, I'm in no hurry". It made me very bad. The reponder, not the lady of the pee. That way of placing boats, of aligning milk cartons and of piling up packages of pumpkin rice with zero affection seemed like art to me. One day he invited me to snack horchata with fartons and that for me already told how to make love. I don't care what you say.

Why do we idealize both affaires in the office?

We have seen too many films and too many images of a bank of images in which a young lady with her hair up, pasta glasses, white shirt, navy blue tube skirt and red lips puts the subject on the table. The topic discussed at the meeting is understood. Apparently it's half past eight in the afternoon on a hot July day. But what will they know about heat if they are with the air conditioner at 22 degrees. None sweat. Insensitive She stares into his eyes keeping a finger on the pile of papers that may be dirty sheets to shred. What else does it matter? She leans toward him and tells him that he is going to give him his and his cousin's. Then, he takes out two blocks of restaurant tickets, one for him and one for his cousin, the administration. He says he doesn't know how to thank him but he has thought of a very dirty thing. He gets up from the chair and asks him to follow. They arrive at the kitchen, they are alone and he gets the prize. She looks at him burningly at the package. Take this for you, he tells her. I'm starving, she says. And that's how they end up having a package of Risketos the very losers who continue working in the afternoon having an intensive day.

Now seriously. If you feel special attraction to a colleague or co-worker, let yourself go and tell him. But tell him with Risketos.

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