From fashion to art there is a step: COS skips it to create a t-shirt with the Serpentine Gallery

Talk about the COS signature It's talking about straight lines, impeccable garment architecture and a certain cubist touch. It is one of those brands that would have made painters like Pablo Picasso or Joan Miró crazy and inspired them at all times. With timeless designs but full of trend -It seems impossible but this combination exists-, over the years it has created many followers and has become one of the leading companies in the sector. Not only does he design clothing, his link to art, music and painting has led them to collaborate with the London Serpentine Gallery. And a couple of weeks ago Jared traveled to the capital English to know first hand the result of this fourth collaboration.

The Serpentine Gallery an art gallery in London with exhibitions that focus on modern and contemporary art. Inaugurated in 1970, all of these are free of charge and are related to architecture, education and its public programs attract about 750,000 visitors each year

"The Serpentine Gallery is a place that inspires us and helps us meet new artists." - Martin Andersson, Head of the COS man line

Under the name Serpentine Summer Pavillion, the designer Bjarke Ingels Group He has created an installation that takes one of the most basic elements of architecture - the brick wall - and has transformed it into a semi-opaque and undulating structure. "We create a great link between the firm and the institution of the Serpentine Gallery"- said Martin Andersson, Responsible for the line of man of COS, after asking for the first contact between both parties. "This is a place that Karin and I come to get inspired. We love coming here and knowing the exhibits they have. In addition, we meet new artists who later collaborate with the firm itself"To celebrate this new edition and show your support for the Park Nights program, COS has designed two shirts for men or women. Of broad proportions and minimalist details, the benefits generated by its sale will be donated to the Serpentine trust.

The Serpentine Summer Pavillion (Bjarke Ingels Group)

"Inspiration can come in the form of a song or in any culinary proposal." - Karin Gustafsson, Creative Director of COS

These new designs come in the same color called Mélange gray. "We particularly love this shade of gray"Haste to affirm Karin Gustafsson, Creative Director of COS, after asking him about his choice."Not only did we give importance to color, the fabric also takes center stage and makes the garment more special", sentence. Each designer is a totally different world and the ways they have to be inspired are far from each other. If Olivier Rousteing creates his Balmain dresses based on collages (for example), COS It has a totally different way. Each season they fill a blackboard with everything they like: from paintings to fabrics, through street style and ending with inspirational phrases or appetizing dishes. "Having an open mind, that is what makes us go beyond every season"Everything goes to make the inspiration come at the best time (and in the best way)."We like to explore all possible fields, so the design expresses much more. A small work of art that accompanies you daily". With an almost architectural silhouette, these designs come in limited edition.

Martin Andersson and Karin Gustafsson, Creative Directors of COS Stores

The goal of the Park Nights 2016

The summer nights in London They have a different character as of now. And from June to September one can approach until Kensington Gardens (in Hyde Park) to explore their own creative potential and witness live acts that focus on stories, rituals and rebellion. But on the day of its inauguration, countless familiar faces showed up. Among the attendees actor Will Poulter, blogger and model Hedvig Opshaug or singers Say lou Lou.

The twins Say Lou Lou took part in the role

The collection is for sale on its website and its sales are beneficial. What do you think of the final result?

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