Sara Carbonero presents L'Oréal Paris Les Macarons, the new ultra-matte lipsticks that we are going to want

Despite what you may believe, the matte finishes do not resist leaving and proof of this are the new lipsticks launched by L'Oréal from the hand of Sara Carbonero ultra-matte finish and that bear the appetizing name of Les Macarons, and that surely they reap the same success as the Infallible 24 that the presenter managed to exhaust in a very short time.

Thus, L'Oréal Paris expands its huge range of liquid lipsticks with Les Macarons, some ultra matte designed for the sweet tooth with eight new and colorful shades fruity each with an irresistible aroma, and with a duration of up to 16 hours, promising softness without drying out.

We find the following tones, being Sara's favorite on 832 which is a beautiful past:

  • 826 Mademoiselle Mango
  • 820 Praline de Paris
  • 832 Strawberry Savage
  • 834 Infinite Spice
  • 828 Framboise Frenzy
  • 838 Berry Cherie
  • 840 Infite Plum
  • 830 Blackcurrant Crush

Eight shades ideal for any summer look and take advantage of the rest of the year.