Cloned and caught: the strange case of Carolina Herrera's pants that appeared in Zara

Talk about inspirations and clones within the fashion world, is to talk about a topic that is practically everyday. Not only low-cost firms copy large firms: luxury designers also clone each other, just as cheap firms can inspire one another. Today we look at the strange case of pants that appeared in the Fall-Winter 2019/2020 collection from Carolina Herrera and that only a few weeks ago they were presented in the new collection of Zara... coincidence?

Carolina Herrera and its full color versions

Tuxedo type and with a great loop at the waist, Carolina Herrera did not leave anyone indifferent with this proposal that went up to the catwalk of the month of February. In a total black version or with fuchsia pink details, this design was soon put under the radar of all fashion victims.

Zara could sneak into your tag looks

A few days ago Zara launched its "Personal Best" collection and there dozens of label designs made us fall in love with its cuts, fabrics and staging (as well as its affordable price). Soon the fans realized that Carolina Herrera's pants looked a lot like this one presented by the low-cost giant: in a suit and with a large loop at the waist. The problem? It is no longer available on the web ...

Is it about clone or inspiration?