Suit pants for a job interview: seven parts of Zara with which to combine and succeed

A job interview is a crucial moment in our working life as it marks the first contact with the employer and, therefore, the one that can decide if we stay or discard us. Thus, choosing a correct style is something basic with which to make a good impression a priori that, later, we endorse with our knowledge and experience.

Therefore, it is necessary to have clear basic guidelines when choosing a look. First and foremost, we have to feel comfortable with what we choose and that fits our style within the possibilities, obviously since it is not a matter of "dressing up" because we will not feel safe.

It is also basic accommodate the type of work for which we are applying. We all know that there is true dress code in certain professions we will have to do ours too.

In any case, the important thing and when in doubt, is bet on simple looks, with more neutral and certainly more classic colors, avoiding in any case more strident colors, flashy prints or too tight clothes.

That which, we wanted to choose pants, preferably from tweezers either black or navy blue, although the beige or gray They could also be good options, which will be the ones that give us the most game when creating one of these seven styles.

The best idea is to bet on the complete suit since it will give us an ideal elegance and seriousness, and all this without losing the style. The classic Zara tuxedo in black It is a very good option that we can also give a lot of use in any situation, from more work days to party nights.

  • American for € 29.95 and pants for € 19.95.

Given that with high temperatures wearing a full suit can be a bit overwhelming, another great option is to bet on a white shirt which, in addition, you will also use the rest of the year. A silk shirt will bring fluidity to the look, in addition to giving much less heat, which will help fight the nerves.

  • Silk shirt for € 49.95 and fluid pants for € 22.95.

A linen blazer in beige tones with a price of € 59.95 is a perfect option for this time of year. It is not as hot as a normal American, giving us the most serious tone of this type of clothing. In addition, it is a hue that we can take advantage of by combining it with pants of a wide range of colors. For the interview, we would bet on wearing it with blue pants.

The general recommendation is that a job interview is attended with the shoulders covered, however, the high temperatures and depending on the type of work to which we apply, we could facilitate the use of a vest of a pink dusty tone with a price of € 39.95 that will allow us to be elegant and stylish while combining it with black pants.

Combine more serious pants with a round neck fluid body, V-neck and short sleeves with a frill detail at the waist also gives us style without losing sobriety in the look. Its price is € 29.95.

If you can't resist wearing a print, stripes are your ideal solution. A striped shirt is always a good solution. Beyond the most classic designs with which, without a doubt, we would be right, our option is that of this lapel neck and V-neck with long sleeves and crossed closure with buttons combining white and black.

  • Striped shirt for € 25.95 and wide tweezers for € 49.95.

And finally, in case of wearing a top, the point with half sleeve or French sleeve and without prints, are the best option. Therefore, combining a black knit and ribbed top of € 9.95 with beige (€ 25.95) or gray pants is also a great option to wear in a job interview.

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