This is the hairdresser in Barcelona where Blanca Suarez is cut her hair (and a lot of other influencers)

The USSR presents a world where with luck, hard work and with the right people, you can jump to fame. It is a kind of showcase where everyone can succeed overnight, and that has happened with Anara by Ana Lérida, the hairdresser that has become fashionable in Barcelona thanks to the with more followers in RRSS (and Blanca Suarez). They do not hesitate to go to this space (turned into an oasis of beauty) and they do so in their Instagram accounts.

Anara and the change of look of Blanca Suárez

Last summer Blanca Suárez fell in love with one of her look changes: more blonde and with bangs, the Spanish actress left no one indifferent. Fashion websites echoed that change and praised the result, emphasizing a place that is increasingly renowned in the city: Anara by Ana Lérida.

The most desired mane of the RRSS

The fashionable girls based in Barcelona have it clear: the place of pilgrimage to take care of their hair is Anara by Ana Lérida. From Alex Rivière, Coral Simanovich or the presenter Melissa Jimenez, they all trust their work. In addition, this work increases if an important event is celebrated (before going on a trip or going to a party, they go to this place for its fine tuning).

Where is?

With more than 20 years of work, this room located in the upper area of ​​Barcelona - on Calaf 52 Street - welcomes fashion girls with more followers in the USSR every week. Today his Instagram account has more than 121,000 followers, creating a name alone. Little by little, the RRSS show us that today's businesses have to be renewed and making their own image is everything - or much - to conquer the land.

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