The stamp "made in Spain" that has conquered the hands of Chiara Ferragni and sure that you do too

What a joy it gives me to see how Spanish brands succeed outside our borders. That Chiara Ferragni falls in love with something other than one of the firms with millionaire budgets that dictate fashion is quite complicated but the signature Ouibyou He has succeeded. It is not the first time that the most famous blogger in the world takes something out of this jewelery brand on their social networks but this time she has literally fallen in love because she does not take it off!

It's about a stamp made in 18 carat gold plated sterling silver and with white zirconia detail. A fairly simple ring but with many touches of style and endless presence. We could see Chiara combining it with many other height marks and that is to be in luck. But it is that the ring is really beautiful, not only this but the entire collection of stamps that have launched the last month, one of the world map, another with a diamond ... Many options that will surely conquer you.

Video: The Stamp (March 2020).