Carrie was not wearing pink tutu at the alternative opening of Sex in New York, and nothing would have been the same

Sex in New York It is the series with more styles and looks We have had on our screens. It has inspired us to create our own wardrobe, find our style and dare to play with fashion. But, despite its thousands of outfits different, there is one that became the symbol of Carrie Bradshaw: the pink tutu with which it appears in the initial credits. A tutu who might not have made history if the producers had chosen this alternative sequence.

Series director Darren Starr told in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that "there were two styles. One was the pink tutu with which the bus splashed Carrie. The other was a blue dress with which he did not get wet, but stumbled to see your ad. "It seems a small and unimportant detail, but can you imagine how different the series would have been with this blue dress? To begin with, nobody would have wanted to have a ballerina tulle skirt after 12 years.

And it is not only a change of costumes, it is also an attitude. The splatter that the bus leaves to Carrie is a symbol of the Big Apple and its hustle and bustle at rush hour; in the face of that awkward stumble that the journalist suffers in this alternative reality. The video has been released by the 20th anniversary of the HBO series, reminding us how important it is to choose the right look.

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