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Penelope Cruz takes the halftime clothes out of the closet again and this maxi suede coat proves it!

Meteorologists warn us that winter is coming back and although I don't think we will see it snow again in most points of the Spanish geography, the truth is that the temperature drop is more than evident. Penelope Cruz may have been surprised by this situation and had to improvise her model to attend a charity event that supports the fight against childhood leukemia.

The Madrid actress He has not hesitated for a moment and has opted for the quintessential garment, a very classic and stylish suede raincoat. It is a spectacular suede garment but very difficult to defend because of how long it is, even so Penelope Cruz He saves it with a pair of bell bottoms and denim fabric, quite high platform shoes and a very basic top.

Video: U2 - Mysterious Ways + Desire with Javier Bardem & Penélope Cruz - Barcellona 10-10-2015 (March 2020).