Reading books says a lot of good things about you. And a scientific study has compiled a few

We can't think of a better way to spend time than reading a book (except testing chocolate types or having a face-to-face encounter with Michael Fassbender). But is that besides enriching ourselves personally, according to a recent research study, reading is also the way to improve our ability to be more empathetic and positive in all our social relationships.

The study, conducted at Kingston University, has concluded that people who read fiction books are more pleasant and empathetic than those who don't: "exposure to fiction is related to a catalog of empathic skills ", the researchers explained at a conference they gave at the British Psychological Society in Brighton.

123 people participated in the study and answered questions regarding their love of books, series and works before completing a test that analyzed their abilities to interact socially.

And the conclusions were very revealing, showing that people who enjoyed a good fiction book, dramatic or romantic novels, they had a higher level of empathy to the other readers, while the participants who read more experimental novels had greater ability to see things from different points of view. And humor lovers relate better to others: "engaging in fiction prose or comedy in particular can be the key to increasing people's empathic abilities," the researchers said.

Definitely studies like this are the definitive confirmation that we don't have to feel bad about unleash the tsundoku, the Japanese word that means that you buy more books than you can read and that we already talk about here.

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