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The worst looks of the Cannes Festival: a festival of nonsense

Now that we only have the hangover from Cannes and that we say goodbye until next year, it is time to review the best and the worst that the Cannes Festival 2017 has brought us. Although this year is usually the style level has been very high, there is always one that falls into excess, making mistakes that must be learned for future occasions.

Excessive transparencies

Sara Sampaio It has a sculptural figure, but go with this Francesco Scognamiglio so revealing rubs vulgarity. We like transparencies, but everything has a limit.

The need to go out in the photo

What do you do to get in the picture when you are surrounded by international stars? Put on a headdress that surely captures all the flashes. There is no need to become a walking garden.

An unfortunate cut

Asymmetries can be very sophisticated, but this is not the case Alexander McQueen by Diane Kruger too baroque because of embroidery, fringes and cuts etxraños.

A dress that looks shattered

We do not even want to know the price of this dress because we are sure to put our hands to the head. A nude dress that looks like a shipwreck leads to Kate Upton to appear on this list of disasters in Cannes.

A little choni Balmain

Ok it is Irina Shayk and everything feels death, but this red dress of Balmain It's a bit of a polygon.

A dress that seems taken from another century

We know the taste of Rihanna for the unconventional but this Adam Selman In blue satin it looks like a dress rescued from the trunk of the memories of grandmother (or great grandmother). The corset and long sleeve do not help.

Excess on all sides

This dress has everything and everything wrong: transparencies, neckline cuts, frills, lace ... Emily Ratajkowski is too pompous with this Peter Dundas.

A cabaret dancer look

The dress of Frédérique Bel, by Yanina Couture It is one of the most horrific we have seen at the festival. It seems made with curtains from a cabaret in the Far West. We are fans of recycling but not so much.

A casual look misunderstood

Look Marion Cotillard it's usually the personified elegance, but this look of yours for the photocall It makes water everywhere. It is rare to see her in jeans, but with this white T-shirt from Y / Project it seems that the sheets have been stuck and never better said.

An old fashioned dress

The ball gowns are usually all very beautiful, unless they appear from the balance section of a department store. The green dress of Nicole Kimpel It is very old fashioned and the color is not flattering.

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