Michelle Obama has good advice to give you, tested by herself, to take care of your friends all your life

We all need have our best friends close, to that handful of essentials that both good do us. Even Michelle Obama needs to surround herself with her group of friends forever and assumes that without them life would be much more difficult and boring, but also that it is life itself that does nothing but put us in obstacles to get together.

And precisely because of that, the former first lady of the United States has a piece of advice to give us, something that she in person has been testing for years and that gives excellent results to keep her best friends close.

The solution that Michelle Obama found to spend quality time with her friends was organize girl camps to practice sports together outdoors, especially during the summer. A way not only to spend more time in your company and have a laugh between dominated and dominated, but also take care of all.

When I lived in the White House, I often organized training camps over the weekend for my best friends. It didn't matter that we were all at different fitness levels. Our weekend camps were a reminder that if we wanted to take care of each other, we first had to start taking care of ourselves. Although I am no longer in the White House I have continued this tradition and I want to share some of the photographs. My friends have been with me during all the transitions of my life, over the years - including a really big one recently - and we have done everything possible to keep us healthy together. Whether it's a training camp or a walk around the neighborhood, I hope you and your friends can find time this summer to keep fit together.

It is not the first time that Michelle Obama has given us wise advice about friendship, of which the one we liked the most was the one in which she said that we had at least three important friends in our lives: "one who is ahead , whom we look at and follow, one who walks by our side, who is with us every step of the way, and also one to rescue from the past and bring us with us after having paved the way. "

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