Let it be noticed in the look! The eyeliner points to the celebration of Pride

Of all trends makeup who swarm on Instagram, the eyeliner It is and will always be one of our favorites. But it also reinvents itself, like everything else. And in this month of Pride he has done it in the most colorful way: by placing a rainbow on our eyelids. An inspiration beauty Simple to copy that will help you to output all your color liner this season. And also to get your side more romantic, proud and colorful.

It is easy to risk and win with the eyeliner, as with the manicure. Take the adventurous side with other elements beauty Like eyebrows or hairstyles and getting successful is something a bit more complicated. In this case in addition to try looks New and fun, we show our support for the LGBT community and to any kind of love, so we could say that this rainbow outlined is a 2x1.

To get it, you just have to get several eyeliners of colors and begin to delineate. Make the first line attached to the tabs, as if it were the eyeliner traditional. And the next one above, and above, and above. Always changing colors and building from bottom to top, so that it is as close to the eye as possible and with the natural shape of the outline. Reds, oranges, greens, yellows ... the key is combine colors that clash with each other to be as striking and different as possible.

In Jared Beauty | We celebrate Pride Day with looks full of colors, rainbows and lots of love.