Chicago Nutella coffee is already a success in its first month of operation

A few weeks ago we announced that the world's first permanent Nutella coffee was about to open its doors in Chicago. Finally, he did it on May 31 and, as expected, It has become a public success that has brought queues to your door and hundreds of photos of his specialties to Instagram. Sounds good news: with a little luck, the success of this first experience can make the idea spread throughout the world.

The first days turned into a madness in which the queues made the anxious customers wait hours to taste the delicious waffles of Nutella or the (prohibitive) coffees flavored with the mythical chocolate cream. The waters have been calming down, but everything indicates that coffee is still a success for the public, with more than 2,000 images already shared on Instagram under the hashtag #NutellaCafe. We only have to cross our fingers so that soon we will open some near us.

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