Ariel Winter's inspiring response to all who criticized the size of her shorts

At this point it seems that everyone should know that one does not mess with the girls of Modern Family, because they hit back. Especially with Ariel Winter, who has never had a problem responding to negative comments as a true goddess. However, there are those who do not learn the lesson and criticized the size of their shorts in his last Instagram photo. And of course, she did not remain silent. That is our Ariel!

The social networks of the actress are a bottomless pit of inspiration body-positive, self-esteem and a strict policy of non-acceptance towards all kinds of trolls Y haters. A rule that he had to put into practice the other day before the unpleasant comments you received regarding your look. Ariel was wearing a lingerie corset and some shorts. A very sexy and young style with which to celebrity He looks very comfortable. But there are those who felt the need to criticize it. "It has been embedded in shorts"Many said. Others called her"striper"and" fat. "This is what she replied:

Rant pic.twitter.com/ZjrK4x7qrU

- Ariel Winter (@ arielwinter1) July 14, 2017

"Pretty angry because people focus on the fact that I have shorts, the comment that I have "stuck" in them and the idea that it is not right for me to carry shorts. It's summer. Get over it. It's hot, obviously I'm going to wear little clothes. I will not suffer with a turtleneck to satisfy you all. I'm not a whore to wear shorts and tank tops. I am a normal girl. Also, I'm not "stuffing" on them. My shorts I feel good and everything I do is fine. Please leave young women alone. We are simply living our lives. It is really a problem that we have to deal with these comments today. Please stop criticizing everything everyone does. "

This is not the first time that Ariel Winter defends herself and takes her against those who believe they have the right to criticize her or her body. One more test of how inspiring and empowered this woman is and her struggle for diversity and acceptance. Let's see if that, response to response, the Internet becomes a safer and more tolerant place for everyone.

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