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The world upside down: what is the true Kylie? With that Balmain dress it's hard to know

Remember that stunning crystal dress that Kylie Jenner wore at the MET gala? Balmain designed it exclusively for her and is unique in the world. A wonderful luxury, but nothing comfortable. In fact, even painful. He embellishment of glass stuck in the skin of the celebrity, filling her with wounds that she shared on Snapchat. What do you do with a dress so amazing that it can't be priced, but it hurts you? Our Kylie found the perfect solution.

Kylie Jenner He gave the dress in question to his double, one that neither feels nor suffers. Because the little girl from the K family has opened her own wax figure in the museum Madame Tussaud, and has decided to dress her for the occasion. Someone had to take advantage of a work of art like this one by Balmain and prevent it from being left in the closet. Kylie B has no risk of bleeding or scratching, but she also deserves to wear a outfit worthy of a Kardashian.

Among the great work of museum artisans, makeup worthy of Kylie Cosmetics and styling haute couture, the wax figure ce Kylie is so perfect that she manages to deceive the most knowledgeable human eye. We don't know who the fixed Kylie is and who the original Kylie is. Not even his own family knew how to differentiate them via Snapchat, when the Jenner's little girl put both a dog filter in the image. As if that were not enough, there is now another Kylie in the world petting him to another level as the original did at the MET gala.

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