This winter, all gold: we tested the Sublime Gold Collection by Miriam Quevedo

Every year the same thing happens to me during these months, as the light changes and autumn falls, my hair gets turns off. The reflections that the force of the sun left in summer lose intensity, brightness and luminosity, the color seems different, sadder.

If you suffer the same effects, the solution is to care, pamper, hydrate with rich products and nutrients, in addition to applying specific products aimed at intensifying color and light. In this sense, the Sublime Gold Collection from Miriam Quevedo It is one of my latest discoveries. Directed to revitalize, redensify Y rejuvenate hair under formulas composed of luxury active ingredients for nourish and regenerate the heart of the hair fiber and scalp I have had the opportunity to check its effects.

Products for boost and exalt hair life by golden highlights and intense thanks ectraordinary ingredients and 24 karat gold micronized powder that presents its composition. A perfect choice for these dates, in which we want to take care of ourselves and shine in record time.

Full line

Sublime Gold Collection presents 4 products for 4 actions in terms of intensity or hair state. The common factor to all is the absence of sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, phthalates, paraffin or petrolatum. 35, which provides lightness and health to the hair fiber. Ingredients like caviar, micronized gold, orchid Y organic argan oil make each product an extraordinary experience of luxury and beware. I explain each one:

  • The Sublime Gold Shampoo It is an enriched shampoo aimed at nourish and regenerate the heart of the hair fiber and scalp to enhance your Health and mitigate the effects of hair aging. Provides by means of the smoothness of its washing, precious reflections and is indicated for all types of hair, especially those damaged because they recover light and shine. It also offers a nice foam and a feeling of volume that I love.
  • The Sublime Gold Mask It is an intensive revitalizing mask enriched with the above ingredients also aimed at nourish and regenerate further enhancing softness and vitality to the hair The firm maintains that its use offers protection and strengthens through extraordinary hydration and nutrition. It is indicated in dry, damaged, weak, aged, heat-treated or chemical treatments. It is very nice because it leaves no feeling of heaviness or grease.

  • Ultrabrilliant the Sublime Gold Lotion It is a lotion to apply when I feel like it, on dry hair without rinsing. Its mission is to protect hair in a way integral and durable, regenerate and revitalize, but the best thing is that it provides beautiful golden sparkles, a lot of shine and vigor, which makes it a complement to instant beauty. It is indicated for all types of hair.

  • The Sublime Gold Oil It is an exceptional product, a hair beauty oil created with powerful active ingredients for enhance and transform dry and damaged hair into silky, shiny and renew its quality in moments. Its formula binds gold dust to 10 vegetable oils rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins Y antioxidants for nurture and repair in deep. Protects against UVA and UVB, provides strength, endurance and hydration. It is indicated for damaged, dyed, keratin treated, aged, dry and lifeless hair.

The products have prices in a strip from 35 euros of shampoo, up to 56 euros, the highest price of exceptional care The Sublime Gold Oil. You can find the most suitable to your need in the authorized outlets, its official page, Y Nadia Perfumery. A secret of beauty with lots of light for this winter.

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