Biotherm's Blue Therapy Eye-Opening Serum the new treatment for a more open look and stronger eyelashes. We tested it

A few days ago the new serum for the eye contour of Biotherm, he Blue Therapy Eye-Opening Serum, a product that, from the first glance, attracts a lot of attention. And we are not used to using specific serum for the eye contour (at least in my case), in addition to having an applicator that is totally different from what I had seen before. So I tell you my experience.

I tell you a little about this serum, since it is another step in the treatment of the eye contour to combat the signs of aging. It contains a high concentration of youth algae, an ingredient with regenerating power that is combined with a flexible polymer, of marine origin, that reaffirms the area around the eyes, decreasing the signs of age. Also promises Open the look up to 3 times.

Actually, as I said, it's about one more step in eye contour care, that is, we must not stop using our usual contour. However, its power, in addition to its formula, also resides in its applicator, which is its strong point.

And is that your "steel pearl" applicator It has a lifting effect since it is perfectly adapted to the skin around the eyes, also having a built-in brush, inspired by the masks of tabs, to apply, precisely in these strengthening them, increasing its number and density.

As for my experience, I will tell you that it has been (and is) most pleasant, since thanks to that applicator massages the eye contour area With a wonderful cold effect. The product itself is whitish, with a liquid texture, which makes it perfectly absorbed leaving a fresh and hydrated feeling in the area.

We must comment that its application is recommended in two ways: first dragging through the area of ​​the eyecup and up the upper eyelid, and then radially throughout the eye, which makes the massage complete and super nice.

I have noticed after use, that the look looks a little more open, and above all much more hydrated, which I have needed a lot this winter after periods of especially dehydrated skin (plus the contour area). Therefore, it is a product rrecommended to include in our routine (Yes, one more step, we continue adding) to achieve better results, both hydration and anti-aging.

As regards the effects as a treatment for eyelashes I will tell you that it has been now when I have started using it in this way since I have had eyelash extensions, as I told you, and I did not want anything to interfere in it (I have taken care of them as nothing), but now that I have already been fallen all I can use it and yes that I feel them stronger little by little.

As for his price is € 52, and given that it is a fairly complete treatment, it seems to me that it is well priced.

The product was provided for testing by Biotherm. Can inquire our policy of relationships with enterprises for more information*

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