Who chooses the colors of the year and which ones really favor the most

Color influences our lives by encompassing facets that we do not even imagine. The color gamut that surrounds us not only affects our mood, but also builds a new reality. Therefore, the news of what color choose Pantone Each year as the tone that will mark the next 365 days generates so much expectation.

Fashion, design, architecture and other artistic disciplines are pending this announcement and look forward to the so-called 'global color authority' reveal what it will be, among the more than 1,800 listed in its catalog, the prevailing hue in the universe of trends.

"But why stay with only one color when nature and life have many more than 2000?", You say, optimistic and loving person of pink, blue, green, yellow and the nuances of each of they. And that, appreciating every nuance and every flash is something almost magical that happens when we watch Samsung QLED TVs, which they are able to reproduce 100% of the color volume and to show us nothing less than a billion colors.

You will wonder if there are so many colors and the answer, of course, is yes. In fact, this wide range of shades makes the images we see on the screen are totally true to reality. When you watch a movie, it will give you the feeling that you are practically inside it, almost breathing the scents of the landscapes. Do you remember the scene of 'Mary Poppins' in which the babysitter, the children and the chimney sweep enter a painting? With models like the top of the Q9FN range with sizes from 55 to 75 inches, something similar will happen to you.

A long process

But, although there are millions of colors surrounding us, how do you select who will mark our looks and makeup choices for a whole year? The process has nothing to do with chance or getting into a hype all the possibilities and extracting one - although by then, in December, it's time for lotteries. The decision maker is a division of the American color cataloging company.

Several executives, together with some 40 experts from different fields, analyze the political, social, economic and cultural context and, from there, begin to make decisions. First, they select the range of colors they are going to focus on - for example, if they consider that the world needs energy, they bet on the red ones -, then they choose the specific tone and, finally, they give it a name. Of course, it has to be one that is not offensive in any country or culture, because his decision reaches the ends of the Earth.

Coming of age of color of the year

Although trends have always opted for some colors or others to a greater or lesser extent (by all it is known that, for example, in times of crisis the red lipstick is the best selling), that of having a 'color of the year' It is not that old. The year 2000 was the first in which one was selected among all that exist or, rather, among all that the human eye can see. And the Cerulean was chosen. Yes, the cerulean blue color that we all remember thanks to 'The devil wears Prada'.

Since then, we have dressed in the Tigerlily (an orange hue) of 2004, we have lost our fear of yellow Thanks to the Mimosa of 2009, we have made up our eyes and lips with the pink Honeysuckle of 2011, we have fallen in love with the pastel colors Rose Quartz and Serenity of 2016 - the only time two colors were chosen - and we have echoed with the Greenery of 2017.

And to all of them we have a special affection, because they are already part of our particular color file - Surely you do not have to do much more than open your closet to verify that you fell asleep before the charms of all of them. Therefore, when you see them shining at full screen on your QLED TV as in the sharpest of your memories, you will know how to recognize them perfectly.

The pink like the dress you wore at that wedding, the yellow like the one in the bag your mother gave you, the orange like the one on that lipstick you dared to try ... On TV models like the Q9FN we mentioned before, and thanks to QHDR technology, which offers us especially sharp images, the colors shine as on the brightest days. Although away from home the clouds do not want to leave.

Purple for a technological 2018

And what will be the next color that will enter our closets and that we will recognize at a glance on our Samsung TV? At this point in 2018, few will be those who do not know that the Ultra Violet tone is the color of the year.

“We live in a time that requires inventiveness and imagination. It is this kind of creative inspiration that is inherent in Ultra Violet, a blue-based purple that raises the bar of our potential and our perception, from the exploration of new technologies and the vastness of the universe to artistic expression and spiritual reflection: the intuitive Ultra Violet illuminates the path of things to come, ”said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

At the end of the second decade of the 21st century, it is normal for technology to have -and much- relevance in our lives. Also in the chromatic universe. Because, yes, representing colors has intrigues and, when important advances are made, the human eye is the first to appreciate it.

You will notice the first time you watch a QLED TV: you will see that its technology based on Quantum Dots, which creates color through light and particles smaller than a hair, reproduce the tones perfectly. And that the definition, like our taste for fashion and colors, does not fade over the years.

A whole science

If a color is selected annually to crown and the artistic and design disciplines remain attentive to know what it is, it will be because the chromatic universe influences our life. If we prefer one color or another it is not just by chance: there is a whole science behind.

This is known, and much, the psychologist and sociologist Eva Heller, author of the book 'Psychology of color', which echo the results of a survey that conducted more than 2,000 people from different social groups. The conclusion he drew was that, regardless of our purchasing power, our training or our age, the colors -or, what is the same, the different frequencies of light we perceive- they have universally extended emotional connotations.

For example, of blue, the one that is most mentioned when asked what is your favorite color, Heller points out the following: “It is the color of sympathy, harmony and fidelity. The color of spiritual virtues and inner peace. ” We associate yellow with fun, but also with betrayal; the white, to innocence and goodness; red, to passion and danger; gray, boring and outdated and purple, to power.

Whatever your favorite color, in addition to dressing it, you can also use it to decorate your living room. And without nailing a single frame. "WTF" ?, you will be thinking. QLED TVs, with their Ambient Mode function, they camouflage with your home and adopt the style you want. ¿Minimal? Bet on the grays and cakes. Butt of color? Long live the bright colors!

For tastes, the colors

Some more applauded and desired throughout the centuries - there is nothing more to see the history of Egyptian blue - and others less, but all colors have their complexity when it comes to wearing them. If there is one that is accepted worldwide as a flattering, that's the black. Stylize, combine with everything and it is the most elegant: those are some of its attributes.

But what about the rest? In addition to the pure trend, when choosing one to wear, you have to take into account personal traits: the skin tone and the color of eyes and hair, basically. Although there are personal shoppers who are dedicated to conducting color studies and to tell us what is the the color range that favors us, there are a number of standards to get us to the idea of ​​what colors will fit us better and worse.

The main rule is create contrast; that is, if your skin is clear, bet on darker and more vibrant tones and vice versa. Roasted, red and green tones are perfect for you; instead, the whites and pearly will not stand out, so it is better to banish them. If you are brunette, light up your look with pastel tones or intense colors like fuchsia and leaves aside gray and brown.

Be it the time of day it is and regardless of the ambient light there is, bet to keep the contrast fair and necessary in you look. Blacks will look perfect and light colors, too, as with QLED TVs, which with their QContrast technology are able to offer us blacks regardless of the light that surrounds them.

And, with maxims like you're in the head when dressing, remember the phrase of the always inspiring Coco Chanel, who said that "the best color in the world is the one that favors one". Try, risk and Find yours.

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