Say goodbye to stressed and tired skin (even if you have little time) with the new 'Smart Skincare' by Kiko

Brands know that our pace of life is increasingly frantic, so many of their new releases are created to stressed, tired skin and for people who have very little time. One of them is the new range Kiko Smart Skincare, a proposal full of innovative products that help us show off perfect skin in a short time and with very simple applications. I assure you that they will surprise you ...

Smart Detox Drops

It's about a detoxifying facial booster, enriched with extracts of kiwi and cucumber, ideal to achieve an immediate detox effect on the complexion (for example, after a period of stress that alters your skin), and help protect the skin from external aggressions. It is a "beauty emergency" product with a fruity fragrance and silky and fluid texture that is easily absorbed.

It is suitable for all skin types and its price is 7.95 euros / 10 ml.

Smart Charge Drops

This booster on the other hand, offers an energizing effect thanks to its concentrated formula based on ginger water. It is perfect for moisturize the skin, provide energy to the tone and attenuate the signs of fatigue in the complexion. It has the same aroma, texture and price as the previous product.

Smart Glow Drops

This last booster offers an illuminating effect thanks to its concentrated formula based on cranberry seed oil. It is recommended for moisturize and provide a light effect, standardize the color of the complexion and combat the effect of dull skin. It also has the same aroma, texture and price as the previous product.

Smart Hidrashot Cream

This moisturizing facial cream offers an immediate refreshing effect, since moisturizes and softens the skin, creating the perfect foundation for makeup. Its texture has an exclusive memory technology (which I have seen later in high-end products), and that gives off the freshness of the cream on the skin.

Its formula contains hyaluronic acid and aloe vera and is recommended as a cream both day and night. It is non-comedogenic, is ophthalmologically tested and its price is 14.95 euros / 50 ml.

Smart Hidrashot Stick

This curious moisturizing and foaming treatment for the eye and face contour promises an immediate freshness effect and is presented in a practical stick format.

Its refreshing formula (not the same as the cream), contains glacial water and hyaluronic acid is intended to be used at any time of the day and on any skin type. It is non-comedogenic, is ophthalmologically tested and its price is 6.95 euros / 4 ml.

Smart Radiance Cream

It is a 3-in-1 moisturizing, pre-base and brightening cream Perfect for moisturizing, preparing the skin for the application of makeup and brightening all facial tones.

Available in four shades to illuminate all skin tones:

  • 01 Bright Silver - with silver pearls to enhance the luminosity of the skins with a light tone.
  • 02 Radiant Gold - With golden pearls to enhance the luminosity of tired and dull skin.
  • 03 Glowing Rose - with pink pearls to correct the skins with olive color.
  • 04 Luminous Lilac - with lilac pearls to correct the yellow skin.

According to the brand it is a unique product because in one step you enhance the luminosity of the skin, you provide immediate long-lasting hydration thanks to the presence of hyaluronic acid and it is also very easy to use thanks to its exclusive and practical brush applicator. Its price is of 14.95 euros / 35 ml.

What do you think about this collection?. Which of the products attracts you the most?

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