This is Ascot! The most spectacular (and impossible) parade of headdresses and pamelas begins

The Ascot races It is one of the essential appointments of the British summer, and with them begins the parade of headdresses, hats and pamelas more spectacular and extravagant What can you imagine? At Ascot Racecourse, in addition to Meghan Markle, the high class British who competes to wear the most impossible headdress, striking and original creations that become the absolute protagonists of this amazing display.

Nerida Fraiman, Petershams Millinery Supplies, Philip Treacy, Helene Berman London, Jane Taylor, Stephen Jones, Maria Zherebtsova, Hatonist Bespoke Millinery ... are some of the firms chosen by the royals British to impact during these racing days.

Impossible Designs

The most daring are able to show true works of art in their heads. Extravagant pieces and fun that have no waste: maxi flowers, ties, fruit, with abstract shapes, animals ... maxi headdresses made to not go unnoticed.


The more traditional and less daring bet on smaller and discreet headdresses, with details of tulle, hairnet and feathers, sophisticated options perfect to wear at a wedding tomorrow.


La pamela It is another of the options that Ascot guests love. The most striking are the maxi models adorned with feathers, stars or butterflies.

The election of the British Royal Family

Horse racing is an unavoidable date for the British Royal Family. In addition to Megan Markle, Queen Elizabeth, the Princesses Beatriz and Eugenia de York, Sofia the Countess of Wessex wave Princess Ana They have not wanted to miss the event of the year. All of them always rely on the good work of Philip Treacy, their head designer in a matter of headdresses.

The Princess Beatrice has opted for a look in blue to match the sophisticated headdress. Eugenia of York He has preferred to wear a model of oriental airs in white.

Queen Elizabeth and Princess Ana

True to his style, the Queen isabel II He has chosen a hat, a yellow model with a detail of blue flowers. The queen has more than 5200 of all kinds and colors, most of Philip Somerville, His official hat has passed away. The Princess Ana He has opted for a very simple beig record headdress.

Sofia, Countess of Wessex and Meghan Markle

Sofia, Countess of Wessex, He has opted for an original piece in powdered pink and black. A very elegant choice.

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