Red carpet

This has been the most risky stylistic choice of Kristen Bell: leather in summer, yes or no?

Kristen Bell has got us used to looks Red carpet very languid and romantic. However, from time to time he likes to take his feet out of the pot and throw himself in a very sexy and striking dress, as he already did at the 2016 Emmy Gala. Now he has done it again in the première from 'Like father', in which sand has launched with a very controversial election. Leather in summer, the least practical viral trend in history.

The actress posed this sexy on the red carpet in Los Angeles, with this corseted dress and word of honor from August Getty Atelier. We love structured design, the cut outs strategic under the chest, leather overcoat and fluid drop in contrasting textures. However, leather still seems like a uncomfortable and impractical option for high temperatures of the summer.

The actress has kept the rest of the look Very minimalist, to focus all the attention on this dress with such Versace inspiration. Of course, the hairstyle wet and the earrings statement of Michael M have been a success, creating a look Very sophisticated and dominatrix. A round styling that suits you, and that for next fall it would have been the success perfect.

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