Metallic red is also for the eyes: Margot Robbie dazzles us with her red carpet look

Margot Robbie has attended the premiere of Mary Queen of Scots in London with a risky look that we are looking forward to copy for this Christmas. After all, the Red It is the most typical Christmas color, and the actress has decided to bring it to play on the lips and in the metallic eyeshadow. A very glamorous look that we can see in detail thanks to its makeup artist Pati Dubroff.

Margot Robbie Power your explosive blonde beauty with this very romantic look, with the hair with a soft wavy and taking full advantage of a very juicy red on the lips that is accompanied by a red shadow full of glitter on the eyelid

Professional makeup artist Cristina Lobato offers us copy the look applying with a first on the eyelid. Make up the upper eyelid with a matte red shadow and then apply a frosty shadow of the same tone to achieve that effect bling-bling. Then, you have to delineate with a pencil or brown eyeliner, and end up blurring with a brown shadow all over the line including the outer area of ​​the mobile eyelid.

Cristina Lobato recommends putting on eyes first when we use this type of shadows with shine to avoid staining the skin and having to reapply the foundation.

Now what with the parties we feel like trying new more original and daring makeups, red is an option to consider, especially seeing how good you feel with light skin. To complete the look, Margot Robbie It has marked its curls on a lateral mane and leaves the rest of the skin with a slight natural blush. Without eyeliner drawing and with the very subtle mascara, this makeup puts the touch of color to a black and white styling.

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