Yoga is the sport of the year according to Nike and this is demonstrated by its new collection of clothes and new workouts in its app

We already knew that yoga is not just a fad and makes you happier, more savvy and fitter and now Nike reaffirms it with its latest bet. The sports firm is fully aware of the benefits of yoga and has decided to focus on finding new ways to help athletes experience them. And, to achieve this, he has presented a new collection of sportswear designed especially for yoga and a series of workouts available in his Nike Training Club app.

According to the firm, most athletes have a secret weapon. And that weapon is yoga, a common point that has helped many professional athletes to achieve their achievements. That's why they decided to help the visibility of this sport.

Ryan Flahery, Nike's Senior Performance Director, ensures that by adding yoga to your training you get improve coordination, balance, find calm even during intense training and reduce recovery time. Also, consider yoga exercises better than traditional stretching with the plus that they teach you to control your pelvis (something essential for high performance athletes in any sport).

Nike Power Studio yoga training tights 70 euros

Therefore, Nike's first step was to create a collection of yoga exercises in your Nike Training Club app that are available since January of this year for free. Like the rest of the app's workouts, they have a flawless audio and visual indications of experts on each movement. Also, group the workouts to help you achieve specific performance goals (such as finding strength and stability, improving endurance and being more flexible) so you can use yoga to take your training to the next level.

Nike yoga sports bra 25 euros

As a direct consequence of the nature of the brand, within this project to promote yoga, Nike launches its first collection of men's and women's clothing created specifically for this sport. With garments designed to offer ease of movement, versatility and support. Designs designed to favor the development of this sport thinking about the different postures with soft knitted fabrics to move comfortably and crochet seams to allow air flow and reduce friction.

The clothing collection will be available as of January 2019 on its website and in all physical stores.