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Famous Fashion

Something is happening: Kim Kardashian goes to the Balenciaga parade Without makeup!

I think they prick me and I don't bleed. Has the countouring diva put aside makeup? Kim Kardashian announced on her social networks the make up free look she would wear in the Balenciaga parade, and said and done, the celebrity came with her face washed at the fashion show. Accustomed to his nothing discreet looks, to his taste for the sexy and provocative and to his studied makeup, it is strange to see Kim Kardashian without a drop of color, although there are certain doubts about the truthfulness of this fact.
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These are the 46 women who are changing the world (Time has chosen them and photographed them with an iPhone for their cover)

Time magazine has thought of the first. In the first women to reach a historic milestone that broke the glass ceiling for many. With that idea, his Firsts ("first") project was born, in which they have chosen the 46 women who are changing the world today, and who intends to make them visible so that all the girls in the world can find a female reference in the to be fixed
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Diets and Nutrition

11 foods that are more than a fad and that will help us take care of ourselves this fall

Every time we take care of ourselves more (and better): we play sports, we try to eat lightly and we move away from a sedentary life (although, let's face it, nobody gets a sweet treat from time to time). Accounts such as Carlos Ríos, Paula Norris or Miri, Master Chef 5 finalist, succeed on Instagram thanks to their nutrition advice and their healthy lifestyle, so today we want to tell you what are the most fashionable foods for Take good care of yourself.
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Leighton Meester reappears in our lives with a very, very blond hair

The best of the Golden Globes are always the later parties, in which there are great moments, reunions and the occasional appearance. This is the case of Leighton Meester, which many will know by the name of Blair Waldorf. The actress has returned with her hair completely dyed blond, in contrast to the dark mahogany she used to us.
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Bershka brings out the best in himself for his new spring collection: these are the eighties that will make you fall in love (again)

New year, new (clothes) collection. Although there is still a long journey to the cold season, the companies delight us with spring garments that move us - momentarily - to a warmer time where the sun shines and the temperatures are pleasant. Bershka wants to move us to the coolest California where a mix between the surf roll and rescued garments from vintage stores are the protagonists.
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